Vincent SA-94 | SP-T700

. I needed new hifi equipment for use with my Wadia 850 CD player and Antelope Zodiac Gold dac. Initially I researched amplifiers and speakers from the internet to audition with my equipment, and then approached dealers within 50 miles for either a shop or home demo. I listened to amplifiers and speakers ranging from 200-40,000 pounds!

In music reproduction I look for great bass, live sound, ability to scale correctly at higher volumes (as opposed to just play louder!), great vocals in the mid-range, natural treble.......... Unfortunately I came away disappointed with nothing quite fitting the bill. I then looked to home demo other equipment from dealers located farther away.

At this point I came accross Vincent Shop and Vincent amplifiers were the last item on my list to demo as I had not really heard of this manufacturer.

Kyri from Vincent Shop is a music and hifi enthusiast. He is unique amongst the hifi dealers that I have spoken to because of his extensive knowledge, as well as his belief in the products that he recommends. After initially requesting a home demo of Vincent monoblocks and a Vincent preamplifier,

I eventually demo'd and then purchased an amazing combination of components consisting of Vincent hybrid monoblocks (SP-T700), Vincent solid state preamp (SA-94), Elac BS403 and 2030 speakers/subwoofer, a power conditioner and custom made assorted cables.

I'd recommend Kyri and Vincentshop because of their no obligation home demo of items, great quality equipment, complete service and overall value for money.

- R Patel
April 2019

Vincent DAC-7

I recently purchased a Vincent DAC -7 from Vincent Shop after auditioning some high end DAC`s and owning Naim and a few others which were highly regarded.

I have to say that this is by far the best DAC I have heard and could easily be 3 times the price I paid for it in comparison to other DAC`s.

It is as if the whole soundstage is in 3 dimensional sound and I can place instruments and singers in their own space in front of me and it sounds as if it is a live performance which is something I have searching for a long time.

There is a deeper and wider soundstage and singers and instruments appear to be floating in mid air it sounds amazing.

I am amazed at how good this DAC-7 sounds and having compared it to my friends expensive Chord DAC we both agreed that the Vincent DAC-7 outperformed the Chord by some margin.

This has also transformed my speakers and they sound like they have been upgraded!!! Another bonus is I have a musical fidelity headphone Amplifier with upgraded valves and PSU and the headphone stage on the DAC-7 sounds better than my standalone musical fidelity ?????

I am not a professional reviewer and bought the DAC-7 on the strength of how good my Vincent SV-237MK sounded and I am so glad I did I may have been the first person in the UK to buy the DAC-7 as it was a new product and I felt I had to comment on how good this sounds.

Gary Sandison
March 2019


I have been into hi-fi from an early age and ended up with the top of the range Naim system but I was never truly happy with the sound and I was always looking for the next big improvement.

I recently bought some B&W speakers and the amp struggled to drive them often cutting out.

I then came across Vincent Audio amplifiers and was intrigued as every review I read was positive.

I contacted Kyri of Classic Hi-Fi,Vincent Shop and he gave me superb advice with no obligation to buy but offered a way to demo at home that was too good to pass on.

I received my Vincent SV-237MK and was amazed at how good it sounded out of the box. Needless to say I kept it.

Kyri advised on the custom made cable's he supplies and I thought I would try them and all I can say is they are worth every penny as they bettered some expensive Chord cables I had also they drove the B&W with ease no cut-out issues whatsoever this amp is superb!

I also bought the Vincent DAC-1 which is out of this world as I compared this to more expensive Dac's but this was much cleaner better bass and so analogue sounding.

Don't get me wrong the Vincent SV-237MK has an inbuilt Dac that was better than my Beresford Dac I used previously and would suffice but the Vincent DAC-1 is in a different league.

All I can say is that with the sound advice from Kyri I am finally happy with the sound of my Hi-Fi and no longer fell the need to upgrade but will be looking at his digital cables as the speaker cable is superb.

I never thought I could get this kind of sound quality at such an inexpensive price compared to what I have spent over the years chasing the Dragon.

I actually got rid of my B&W and went back to my previous speakers as they have never sounded this good with any other amplifier.

The advice along the way has been a breath of fresh air no pressure and Kyri is such a gentleman and knows what he's talking about best dealer I have ever come across.

Needless to say I sold all my Naim amps etc and have never looked back.


Gary Sandison
September 2018


I contacted Classic Hi-Fi 18 months ago when I was looking to improve the sound of my system. I was experiencing harsh, shouty treble from my set up which consisted of a Gyrodec turntable, Naim XS integrated amplifier (as a preamp), Vincent SP-995 mono power amps, Tellurium Q cables and Monitor Audio Silver RX8 floor standing speakers. I thought I needed to replace my speakers, that they were the problem so I contacted a few Hi-Fi dealers to see what would be a good option.

Most of the dealers I contacted were happy to agree I needed new speakers and would be happy to sell me some. Classic Hi-Fi called me and took a very different approach to the other dealers. They actually spent a good deal of time with me just talking through the issue I was "hearing".

Classic Hi-Fi didn't push for an expensive loud speaker deal like all the other dealers but instead offered a very cost effective option of replacing the Naim integrated amplifier I was using as a preamp. Classic Hi-Fi arranged for me to have a Vincent preamp SA93+ on home demo for a few weeks. They gave really great advice on the matching of the Vincent components. Classic Hi-Fi's many years of experience guided me to the solution.

The Vincent pre and power combination delivered a smoother, "analogue" yet more resolving sound than I thought possible. I now had a "musical" Hi-Fi system. With the treble problem solved I told Classic Hi-Fi I was also looking for more tuneful bass and more controlled bass. I thought that he may suggest purchasing new big loudspeakers but instead very cleverly suggested a more economical approach of cleaning up/filtering my electricity on my Hi-Fi components.

Classic Hi-Fi also lent me some hand made speaker cables and interconnects of very high quality which they knew would improve the quality of the low frequencies in my system. I performed blind tests of the Vincent PF-1 power filter and power cables in the comfort of my home, without any time pressuring from Classic Hi-Fi and concluded without any doubt that the solution they were providing was 100% the right recommendation.

One year after my new Hi-Fi upgrades had "settled in" I spoke to Classic Hi-Fi about finally upgrading my loud speakers. I wanted my speakers to go lower and also give me a richer mid range. Classic Hi-Fi recommended the Usher loud speaker brand which other than reading a few favourable reviews about, I knew very little. Classic Hi-Fi made it possible for me to have a long home demo of the expensive Usher Mini Dancer 2 speakers; something other dealers could not help me with.

Classic Hi-Fi customer service and attention to detail is the best I have ever experienced. Thanks to Classic Hi-Fi I have a Hi-Fi that I can sit back and enjoy for the next 25 years. Absolute satisfaction. In the 25 years of buying Hi-Fi and constantly chasing 'that perfect' sound I can confidently say that Classic Hi-Fi has provided by far the best experience and best advice. I would throughly recommend the service and products they offer to anybody wanting to get the best Hi-Fi sound and value for money.

Richard Friday
April 2016