The History of Vincent Audio

The Vincent story began very quietly in Germany back in 1995. It would get louder, yes, later there'd even be rumbles and shouts. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be otherwise. But at the time it was so quiet that they didn't dare speak in anything but whispers and even the single “Psst” sounded like an explosion.

It all started with a quite ordinary question: How do we make High End affordable? Uwe Bartel, an electronics engineer, set off looking for a valve amplifier by the direct route, working logically and continuously. The first products made a quiet entry in the press, but one that couldn't be missed. Then it got louder when Vincent expanded its product range and regularly thrilled the specialist press – and music lovers in particular.


- 1995 Vincent brand registration

- 1995 LS-1 & D150 tube preamp hybrid amplifier get into the market and sold 1,000 units in the first year

- 1996 next technology step: D150 & LS-1 as well as SA-31 & SP-331 first time development on computer workstations

- 1996 first integrated hybrid amplifier SV-226 was developed

- 1996 first CD player CD-S1 with tube output stage was developed

- 1997 to 1998 start cooperation with international distributors

- 1997 to 1998 class A entering Vincent line with SA-11, SP-61 and SV-231

- 1999 (end of) starts with SolidState line

- 2000 development of the AMP-1 Module: DC coupled Mosfet Module for amplifying the input signal

- 2002 start of TubeLine design

- 2007 development of the DC server unit together with a new philosophy in power supply

- 2008 launch of SA-T8 and SP-T800 which marks until today Vincent's top of the line models

- Today Vincent is distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide